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BACP Healthcare is a forum for counsellors, psychotherapists and related professionals providing psychological therapies in healthcare settings, by promoting counselling excellence and exchanging good practice in the public, private and/or third sectors. 

Joining BACP’s Healthcare division offers you:

·         the ability to engage with/contribute to current developments in healthcare for the future of counselling

·         a positive impact on your practice and personal/professional development

·         an opportunity to be heard and supported within your individual setting.

Establishing a presence in any environment requires hard work. If you have ideas for taking things forward within a healthcare setting – BACP Healthcare provides a support system of experienced people motivated to enhance counselling as a profession in healthcare.

Networking is key so whether you’re a member or non-member, please get in touch to support us to grow within our network. Your views are important to us. For further information please email: healthcare@bacp.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you at future events. 

Satinder Panesar (Chair)


Who we are

A division of BACP with approaching 1,200 members who work in healthcare settings, either within the public, private and/or the third sector across the UK.

Day-to-day running of BACP Healthcare and the delivery of long-term goals and projects is managed by the BACP Healthcare team, consisting of the Executive Committee, staff and contractors.

BACP Healthcare News

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What we do 

Promote and support excellence in healthcare counselling and psychotherapy by:

  • sharing good practice (HCPJ journal/networks & interest groups/events)
  • providing key information (resources)
  • representation at external meetings
  • contributing to BACP responses on relevant policy consultations 
  • communication with members (email bulletins/enquiries/meetings/journal articles).




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